a reluctant atheist

I'm an atheist who wishes she wasn't. Life would be so much easier!

Surrounded by Christians

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I live in a typical U.S. Town in a mid Atlantic state. It’s large enough to offer plenty of options for socializing and small enough to seem intimate; about 15,000 people. There are social clubs for an impressive range of ethnic groups Ranging from the Sons of Italy to the Slovenian Club, but the predominant social  arena remains church. I’ve lived and worked here for 15 years and when I stopped attending church, many friendships faded because we simply didn’t see each other anymore. I tried to keep them going, but when I no longer attended church events and wasn’t interested in worshiping with them, most people did a slow fade.  It’s natural, I suppose, but I was hurt and felt isolated when my social opportunities narrowed dramatically because I was no longer a believer. Did it hurt? Yes. Do I think it was their intention? No. But it certainly illustrates the divide between believers and non-believers.



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