a reluctant atheist

I'm an atheist who wishes she wasn't. Life would be so much easier!

Let’s All Go to the Easter Charade!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I can tell you that Easter this year was probably one of the worst I’ve had to endure yet. I had already called my parents and told them my husband and I wouldn’t be coming “home” for Easter, but that didn’t stop the questions from them and many of our friends:

“Did you go to church?”

“Which church did you go to?”

“How was the sermon?”

I feel like such a schmuck as I sidestep the questions, giving vague replies so that I’m not out-and-out lying, but it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I hate lying to people I care about, but the very reason I do lie to them is because I care too much to distress them with the truth.

If I tell them I didn’t go to church, they will want to know why, and I will either have to make up another lie, or I will have to tell them the truth – that I don’t believe in God. I imagine how my mother would react. The crying; the horror; this disbelief. I just can’t do it, but I’m left feeling slightly dirty and very dishonest. I hate this duplicity and the annual “Easter Charade” For me, Easter is the worst holiday of the year, even worse than Christmas, because it focuses more on the miracle of the resurrection and is a more spiritually focused holiday. Christmas is an overwhelming jumble of religious, secular and commercial where details like Faith and Belief can get shuffled aside. Put simply, it’s easier to fake it at Christmas.

Once again, as I listen to Easter music in the week leading up to Easter Sunday, I’m reminded of how much I miss the music and ceremony of attending church. Liturgical music is uplifting, inspiring and comforting all at once Iand I miss hearing it and singing it. Occassionally I attend services with my parents when I visit them and I always sing enthusiastically. I love the hymns and I sometimes feel something that might be a remnant of my old faith. I discover that I still yearn for that sense of certainty and belonging.

The odd thing about lying to my family and friends about believing in God is that it bothers me a lot more than most people would think. Let me assure you, just because I’m an athiest it doesn’t mean I don’t have a moral compass. In fact, I find that I hold myself to a higher standard these days. I believe that I have to strive to be a better person and to do what is right because I need to better myself in order to better the world. And without God putting restrictions on our behavior, the only thing that can hold us to a higher standard is . . . ourselves!  Some people refer to this as “Humanism.” I don’t know enough about humanism to judge yet, but I’ll be reading up on it in the coming days. If for no other reason than to find a label for my belief system now that God no longer exists for me.

So if you’re a believer, would you want to know if someone you loved was atheist?  And if  you’re a closet atheist like me, do you feel guilty about “faking” your beliefs?







2 thoughts on “Let’s All Go to the Easter Charade!

  1. I am not “out” about my lack of belief in a deity, for the most part. If someone asks me directly I will tell them but people don’t tend to ask that question. Could you just tell your mother you have no intention of going to church because you don’t appreciate the teachings any longer? That isn’t lying but you don’t have to shout your atheism from the rooftop and overwhelm her.

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