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The Evolution of Evolution

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True to the greatest scientific theories of the past, the theory of evolution espoused by Darwin is itself evolving. Some people point to this as an indication that evolution is still more theory than fact. But it IS a scientific fact. It’s been proven by science and biology time and again.image

What evolution is NOT is an end-game explanation. Like the evolution of nature, theories evolve and change over time as new information and increased understanding add to the foundation. But nothing discovered so far has wiped away the fact of evolution itself. That’s why it is so important to continue looking at new theories of evolution. It builds on a strong foundation and helps us understand the many facets of evolution that are still taking place today and moving us into the future.

In a recent issue of New Scientist, an article declares, Darwin’s theory must itself be allowed to evolve.” It’s an eloquent explanatio of why atheists and agnostics must not let the theory of evolution keep them from exploring what lies beyond evolution. It’s a reminder that even when it is based on fact, a beautiful theory can calcify into dogma, just like religion.

You can read the complete article here:  Long Live Evolution


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